NPWHF0726 - Bone Screw Tray

Bone screw tray, bespoke surgical item 210 mm x 180 mm stainless steel plate folded at 50 mm and 160 mm to rectangular arch 50 mm-110 mm-50 mm. The 180 mm x 110 surface has been drilled with 182 4 mm drill holes. Engraved on to this surface at top left "3.5" and, above the ninth hole of the top row "4.5".  At the top right (above last 9 holes of top row) a small length of autoclave tape with inked inscription "CORDIAL 3.5 "has been attached.  On the left side the top 6 rows have been engraved "30", "35", "40", "45", "50". From hole 16 top row a vertical strip of autoclave tape inked with inscription: "10", "12", "14", "16", "18", "20", "22". has been attached. IN Summary The bone screw rack comprises: 36 holes for bone screws "3.5" guage Lengths 30,32,35,40,45 & 50 mm: 30 holes for bone screws "4.5" guage Lengths 30,35,40,45,50 mm: 70 holes for bone screws "CORDIAL" Lengths 10, 12, 14, 16, 18,20,22 mm. (There  are two types of bone screw designated by the type of bone for which they are used. One type is "CORTICAL"It is likely that "CORDICAL 3.5" is a corruption of "CORTICAL" and the screws located in the section of the rack were cortical bone screws. Those housed on the left side of the rack were probably "CANCELLOUS"bone screws.)

Object ID: NPWHF0726 - Bone Screw Tray

Date Made: 1961-1979

Materials: stainless steel

Dimensions: H 50 mm, W 180 mm, L 110 mm

Maker: Bespoke