NPWHF0727 - Roy Underwood Face and Jaw Splint

Roy Underwood Face and Jaw Splint   a) varnished 6 mm plywood box 175 mm W X 180 mm D X 255 mm H Opening face (175 X 225 hinged at base and closed with 2 clips at the top. The box has a carrying handle on the top face (180 X 175) Handle 100 X 15 X 30. This face also bears a chromed plate inscribed "ROY UNDERWOOD FACE AND JAW SPLINT UNIT" fixed by 2 screws to box.   b) Inside opening face a typed list of contents pasted, headed "THE  ROY UNDERWOOD SPLINT UNIT "Inside at the base is a wooden tray (150 X 170) which carries the instrument stand with its contents.  c) a standard size envelope ""COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" and 'MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT, HOSPITAL, ALICE SPRINGS, NT' Containing 7 B&W photographs (140 X 190) of male patients with the jaw splints in situ to demonstrate the effectiveness of the splint method. Each of these photographs has been stamped on the back:- 'THE LEICAGRAPH CO. PTY.LTD, 1 MCLAREN STREET, (CR PACIFIC HIGHWAY, NORTH SYDNEY, TEL XB 5835 ( 4 LINES) '' Each photograph also bears a pencilled 7 character different alphnumeric code. Also in the envelope a prof strip of 22 photos (25 X 18) of other patients with the splint in situ, including some women.    d) "LEYTOOL'hand held rotary drill ( mechanical).  Tool comprises handle, drum rotor( 80 mm D) and drill bit carrier 90 mm L X 15 mm D.  Overall dimensions 230 mm L X 100 mm (at handle); 80 mm at drum X 35 mm W A rotor handle 45 mm . Drill bits (none present) located in 2.5 mm opening at the end of the drill and were locked in place with 2 screws in the shaft (one only present) On the back of the Rotor drum the manufacturers mark "LEYTOOL' and the patent stamp.  e) The tool stand comprises 2 cylinders fixed together with a T shaped handle at the top. Dimensions: Base cylinder 120 X 25 mm slightly tapered towards the top.  Top cylinder 80 X 40 mm slightly tapered towards the top. T shaped handle 140 X 4 mm slightly tapered at the top. Around the circumference of the top of each cylinder 4 mm holes have been placed to accept the rods of the splint (these holes are numbered and bear other markings which bear no relationship to the splint rods. This stand is a standard workshop drill bit stand which has been adapted for use to hold the parts of the splint.) The contents list is displayed on the inside surface of the case opening , the rods are all 3 mm stainless steel and of varying lengths and shapes. (straight, curved, double curved).  Most are present. The cylindrical container for small items is present but the small items (threaded pins, swivel joints, clamps) have been lost. The box spanners are not present.

Object ID: NPWHF0727 - Roy Underwood Face and Jaw Splint

Materials: wood, stainless steel, paper, photographs

Dimensions: see description

Maker: Splint Maker unsure. Designer Roy Underwood