NPWHF0755 - Suture Catgut

Suture Catgut in two glass ampules with narrower waist for fracturing at 50mm marked by a red dot. Each ampule contains a length of 2.0BP plain catgut length about 60mm and is preserved sterile in a spirit based liquid. The contents of each ampule are displayed on a card in the ampule which also displays the manufacturer's licence number and batch number. 2.0BP is a surgical suture size based on its diameter related to 1mm. 1.0 is 1mm diameter and as the diameter decreases the guage size increses to 6.0 (thinnest) Catgut suture material is either plain or chromic. The latter is manufacturued with an inclusion which delays degradation in the body. Plain breaks down faster.

Object ID: NPWHF0755 - Suture Catgut

Materials: catgut, glass, spirit based liquid

Dimensions: L 100mm D 10mm