NPWHF0757 - Ear Syringe

Cylindrical chromed steel syringe , thumb and two finger (index & middle) grip on the upper end. Thumb circle is attached to the plunger allowing the plunger to be moved through the cylindrical barrel. At the lower end of the barrel the opening is threaded (female) to accept the screwed in (male) end of the syringe nozzle. The nozzle is tapered ending in a bulbous tip. In use warm water (usually with vinegar added to it) would be drawn into the syringe. The bulbous end of the nozzle would then be placed into the outer ear canal and the plunger then smooth and gently pressed to direct a steady flow of water into the canal to loosen and eject wax from the outer ear. 

Object ID: NPWHF0757 - Ear Syringe

Materials: chrome steel

Dimensions: D (of barrel) 35 mm L (of barrel) 135 mm (nozzle) 55 mm (plunger) 65 mm D (circles for thumb and fingers) 25 mm & 30 mm (of nozzle ) 50 mm to 8 mm