NPWHF0768 a,b,c - Brownies/Girl Guides Articles

Three Brownies/Girl Guides articles.  (a)  (1993, August).  Sensitive New Age Guides.  ITA, 78-82.  19.6 mm wide by 27.4 mm high.  (b)  Newspaper clipping glued to blank sheet of white A4 paper:  Now the Brownies are true blue Guides.  newspaper unknown.  date unknown:page unknown.  (c)  Brownie uniform diagram, clipped from a magazine, 12.6 mm wide by 16.8 mm high.

Object ID: NPWHF0768 a,b,c - Brownies/Girl Guides Articles

Object Number: 768

Materials: Magazine and newspaper articles.

Dimension: (a) 19.6 mm w x 27.4 mm h (b) A4 (c) 12.6 mm w x 16.8 mm h

Provenance: BYRNE, Karen



  1. Girl Guides