NPWHF0770 - Cookery Book

Brown two-ring binder.  A quote is pasted inside the front cover.  The pages are lined with recipes glued to them and hand-written.  Most of the pages have reinforcements around the hole.  On the first page is hand-written in purple marker "CHICKEN DISHES" underlined.  63 pages including lined paper and recipes from elsewhere.  The recipe categories are:  Chicken Dishes, Meat, Savouries, Vegetables, Herbs & Spices, Yoghurt, Sauces, Jams & Pickles, Sweets, and Hints.  Clipped recipes have the following dates:  July 1963, 14 July 1969, August 1969, 6 October 1976, December 1977, 18 October 1978, 4 April 1979, and 26 March 1980.  One page is titled "8:30 pm Monday March 26th 1973 Dinner for H.R.H. Prince Philip at the Residency, Alice Springs."  The inside back cover has a foil label "A CENTURY IN PRINTING - INVICTA - SANDS & McDOUGALL PTY. LTD. - 64 KING WILLIAM ST. - ADELAIDE - PHONE LA 4641 - For everything a Printer can produce".  Loosely inside are the brochure "Cooking the Maggi way" and the article "CONFECTIONERY:  Marshmallows ..."

Object ID: NPWHF0770 - Cookery Book

Dimensions: 24.5 cm width, 34.2 cm length, 4 cm height