NPWHF0791 - Doily, Embroidered

Embroidered, beige linen doily, 20 cm wide, 19.5 cm high, with crocheted edge.  Up the center is a brown tree trunk.  At the bottom of it are two clumps of green grass with an orange sun ray-type flower with yellow center on either side (far left and far right).  The first branch of the tree is convex, going across from left to right is made of four yellow, sun ray flowers.  The petals are outlined in yellow and filled in with gold.  Each has an orange center and a red dot under it.  Between flowers one and two, and three and four are two green leaves.  The second branch of the tree is convex and made of green petals, 22 in total, along a stem.  The third branch is concave and consists of three flowers whose petals are outlined in goldand filled in with yellow.  Each has a yellow center with flowers one and three having a red dot above them.  Above them are four, green leaves; two on each side of the tree trunk.  Four inverted hearts with two green leaves each are placed on each side of the tree --- two on each side --- one between branches one and two, and one above branch three.

Object ID: NPWHF0791 - Doily, Embroidered

Materials: cotton

Dimensions: 20 cm wide, 19.5 cm high