NPWHF0792 - Doily, Embroidered

Embroidered, off-white doily 20 cm wide, 13.5 cm high.  The edge is discolored.  Above the hills is a water mark stain.  There is a dark stain in the cloud.  The scene is of tulips growing in a field, with a path/road going through, and a blue and white cloud.  On each side are two tulips --- purple and pink --- with leaves and stems.  Around them are lines to represent grass and dirt.  The path is approximately in the second quarter of the doily.  It is embroidered in green with five lines representing dirt.  The far right quarter contains six tulips in red, pink, purple with stems.  The horizon is stitched in green.

Object ID: NPWHF0792 - Doily, Embroidered

Materials: cotton

Dimensions: 20 cm wide, 13.5 cm high