NPWHF0793 - Doily, Embroidered

Embroidered (cross stitched), off-white doily, 44.8 cm wide, 31 cm high, with crocheted edging.  Water mark stains.  Along the top and bottom (width) are flowers in the same design.  The two center flowers are in different shades of pink.  Connected by green stems are other flowers in red, dark blue, yellow, and purple.  On the height side, are two different designs in black thread.  One is of a woman holding a parasol.  The other is of a horse, with a driver (holding a whip), leading a cart.  The cart appears to have the woman with the parasol in it.

Object ID: NPWHF0793 - Doily, Embroidered

Materials: cotton

Dimensions: 44.8 cm wide, 31 cm high