NPWHF0794 - Doily, Embroidered

Embroidered, off-white doily, 20 cm in width, 19 cm in height.  Has a water mark.  Almost square in shape, with a crocheted edge.  Light blue cross stitching forms a border except for the corner where the flowers are.  There are three flowers with four green (two shades of green) leaves underneath.  The flowers are in light and dark pink.  From left to right, the first flower has three flowers, one bud, and one leaf.  The second flower has four flowers, one bud, and two leaves.  The third flower has three flowers, one bud, and one leaf.

Object ID: NPWHF0794 - Doily, Embroidered

Materials: cotton

Dimensions: 20 cm width, 19 cm height