NPWHF1044 - Box for Bra, 1960s

Bra box.  Hickory ‘Softly Softly’ brand.  Box measures 123 mm width, 51 mm height, and 280 mm length.
The box lid has “Hickory ‘Softly Softly’ France’s incredible body-soft crepe bra invented for soft-silhouette fashions” in black type on white background “with whisper-light Magic Puff shape-liner” in white type on black background.  Under is a black and white photo of a woman waist up with dark hair with daisies as a headband going ear to ear --- wearing a white bra and skirt --- standing in a field.  Her lips are parted showing two front teeth.  Her hands are placed in front of her waist.
The box ends have "Hickory 'Softly Softly'" in white type on a black background and "CS 170 - B 34 - 10-WHITE - 1 ONLY" in black type on a white background.
The box sides have a black and white photo of a woman, chin up with "MAGGIE TABBERER says about the 'Softly Softly' bra:  "No bra ever felt like this bra with the 'no bra' shape.""
The inside of the box is empty.

Object ID: NPWHF1044 - Box for Bra, 1960s

Materials: cardboard

Dimensions: 123 mm width, 51 mm height, and 280 mm length

Maker: Hickory