NPWHF1052 - Half/Waist Apron

Half/Waist apron.  Green with flowers.  Sides and bottom edged with lace.  The right pocket is set at an angle, edged with lace.  The lace is torn on the left side of the pocket, when wearing it; the right side when looking at it.  Slight fraying of edging lace at bottom.  Forty-three (43) cm wide at waist, not including ties, 42 cm in length.  Has been stored folded, so crease down middle.  The ties are 55 cm long/each.  Label on back side, at waist, “HMS Pinaforte”

Object ID: NPWHF1052 - Half/Waist Apron

Materials: cotton

Dimensions: 43 cm wide at waist, not including ties; 42 cm in length; ties are 55 cm long/each