NPWHF1053 - Half/Waist Apron

Half/waist apron, white.  About 40.5 cm at waist.  U-shaped:  three (3) U-shapes with the inner shape a double U, or a rounded “W” overall.  Inner (double U) pocket.  Ties ~50.5 cm length.  Forty-four (44) cm in length.  Three holes ~ outside inner U, about 15 cm from bottom, back side, near waist.  “ALL COTTON” with “PR” written in pencil on the opposite side.  Has been folded – crease down middle.  Has been stored folded in half.

Object ID: NPWHF1053 - Half/Waist Apron

Materials: cotton

Dimensions: 40.5 cm width, 44 cm in length, ties ~50.5 cm length