NPWHF1063 - The Barossa Cookery Book

Yellow Post-It note:  “DONATION – Mrs Arizona Mundy – Cookery Books x 4.”
The Barossa Cookery Book
Fourth edition.  Soldiers’ Memorial Institute, Tanunda, S.A. 

Two hundred seven (207) mm length by 139 mm width.  One hundred sixty (160) pages.
Paperback; held together with two (2) staples.
The front and back cover has been taped.  There is a hole in the second “s.”  Pieces of the cover have fallen off.
The cover says The Barossa Cookery Book – Selected & Choice Recipes – Price 2/- - __HT’S PRINTING ___ TANUNDA.”
The title page (page 1) has pieces fallen off at edges.  Written in black ink is “From Ruby – S. Mundy – May 10th 1942.”  There is a piece of tape through “SELECTED” and the text under it.

Page 3 is “TABLE OF MEASURES” and written in blue ink are:
4 gills equals 1 pint
6 TBLS liquor equals 1 gill
4 quarts equal 1 gall
2 pints in a quart
4 quarts in a gallon
8 pints in a gallon”

Some pages are water stained.
Tucked between pages 156-157 is a page from another cookbook.  The title is USE ONLY GRIFFITHS BROS’. Exquisite Jelly Crystals – They Defy Comparison.  It is torn and wrinkled.  The flip side of the page is from the JAMS, JELLIES, MARMALADES section and includes three (3) recipes:  Poor Man’s Orange Marmalade, Quince Marmalade, and Royal Marmalade.

Object ID: NPWHF1063 - The Barossa Cookery Book

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 207 mm length by 139 mm width

Maker: Soldiers’ Memorial Institute