NPWHF1067 - Leather Collar Box

Leather collar box, 180 mm diameter, not including strap, and 75 mm high, with lid strap.
Stitching around top of lid, along the top side of the rim and along the bottom side.
The strap has three holes to fit into the buckle.  The middle one has been used the most.
In the middle of the box top has been carved what appears to be a flower base with three flowers (west, north, and east).
The box is of brown leather.
The inside diameter of the lid and the entire inside of the box are lined with linen-like fabric.
Inside we found:

  • a hand-written note, in red ink

Collar Base
Circa 1890-1910
used by Agnes Thompson
to keep Husbands
collars safe

  • two tie tacks.  Their backs look like mother of pearl.   [NPWHF1082, NPWHF1083]

Object ID: NPWHF1067 - Leather Collar Box

Materials: leather

Dimensions: 180 mm diameter, not including strap, and 75 mm high