NPWHF1069 - Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder --- red, cast iron.  It is very heavy and needs two hands, if strong, otherwise, a dolly.  There is a red wheel with a square, quartered, in the middle, and a handle.  The wheel is approximately 40 cm in diameter and has stamped either 6H or H9 (not sure which way it should be read).  The handle is wooden and measures 11.5 cm in length.  The base has four holes to mount.  The grinder ‘input’ is 16 cm by 13.7 cm and is two parts.  Under the ‘chute’ is a circular area stamped “C & B”.  This circular area opens and is secured by a screw on the west and east sides.  The circular area is screwed to the ‘chute.’

Object ID: NPWHF1069 - Coffee Grinder

Dimensions: wheel: 40 cm diameter; handle: 11.5 cm length; grinder input: 16 cm by 13.7 cm