NPWHF1082 - Tie Tack

Men’s tie tack.  The back [?] side is white, oval, mother of pearl-looking and measures 12 mm in length, 9 mm width.  The front [?] side is gold [of gold-colored metal], 10 mm in diameter.  It is slightly bent on one side.  Engraved is a symmetrical design:
top:  a leaf, in simple elliptic shape
middle:  a comma-shaped leaf
bottom:  tufts of grass.  Lines from this connect to the middle leaves.
Interspersed are lines. The top is not flat but is curved.

Object ID: NPWHF1082 - Tie Tack

Materials: goldish metal, mother of pearl

Dimensions: front: 10 mm diameter; back: 9 mm width, 12 mm length