NPWHF1106 - Opal Cave Wind Cheater

"Blue Opal Cave Crew Blue wind cheater as worn by all Staff."  FAYE NAYLERS OPAL CAVE CREW with OPAL CAVE COUNTRY under image of an opal.  Crew neck, light blue, long sleeve sweatshirt. ,The inside (back, neck) label states "Exacto THE AUTHENTIC windcheater SIZE 20 CHEST 105 cm 42 POLYESTER COTTON."

Object ID: NPWHF1106 - Opal Cave Wind Cheater

Object Number: 1106

Materials: Polyester/Cotton

Dimension: size 20 chest 105 cm 42”

Provenance: NAYLER, Faye

Maker: Exacto Knitwear Pty Ltd