NPWHF1113 - Justice of Peace Instruction Book and Badge

Faye’s Justice of the Peace badge and her book of instructions to Justices of the Peace.  Faye has pinned the badge to the book.

(a)  The pin is on the bottom right corner of the book.  It measures 2 cm wide and 2.8 cm high.  In a circle is Lady Justice surrounded by a blue border with “ROYAL ASSOCIATION OF JUSTICES OF S.A. INC.” in gold letters.  Above is the Imperial State crown.

(b)  The book cover is made of plastic, blue in colour, with the Justices symbol printed in gold centered near the top.  It measures 8.5 cm wide by 12 cm.  Inside is the book, with medium cardboard blue cover, measuring 8.6 cm wide and 11.4 cm high, held together with two staples.  There are fifty-two (52) pages, not including the cover.

Object ID: NPWHF1113 - Justice of Peace Instruction Book and Badge

Materials: paper, metal, plastic

Dimensions: (a) pin/badge: 2 cm wide * 2.8 cm length; (b) book: 8.5 cm wide * 12 cm length