NPWHF1118 - New S.E.S. Vehicle

The front page from OPAL CHIPS, June 1980. There is a table of contents, called INSIDE STORES. It also contains three articles, and in the lower, right corner is a photo titles New S.E.S. Vehicle. Faye has a put a yellow, vertical line --- using a highlighter --- in left margin of the text. The text states, Bill McDougall, fay Nayler, Constable Peter Crosby & Sgnt Rex Sasche inspect the State Emergency Service vehicle recently delivered to Coober Pedy, by S.E.S. area chief, Darren Stringer. The 4WD Toyota has been fitted with an emergency ambulance stretcher & will tow the S.R.S. trailer to any accident or disaster, when needed.

Object ID: NPWHF1118 - New S.E.S. Vehicle

Materials: paper