NPWHF1160 - Calendar, 1934

Calendar, 1934, with metal bands at the top and bottom, both sides.  Metal tab at top to hang on wall.  Measures 518 mm in length, 352 mm in width, including metal bands.  The “painting”, not including border, is 206 mm in length and 277 mm in width.  It depicts a woman and man sitting in chairs in front of a fire.  The woman is wearing a purple gown, black shawl, and white cap and reading a book.  The man is wearing a green dressing gown, white cravat, and green hat and is napping.  Under the painting is “MEMORIES”. The calendar is torn at the top, i.e., two holes, on left side.  Torn, as in ripped, at top, right side.  There are brown stains on the back, near bottom, from the metal from other calendars.  A piece has fallen off.

Object ID: NPWHF1160 - Calendar, 1934

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 518 mm length, 352 mm width, including metal bands

Maker: Horace H. Read