NPWHF1161 - Calendar, 1936

Calendar, 1936, with a gold rusted metal band top and bottom.  A metal ring is in the top middle to hang it on a wall.  Measures 522 mm in length, 352 mm in width, including metal bands.  The “painting” not including border is 209 mm in length and 295 mm in width. 

The painting title is “CROSSING THE STREAM” and depicts bulls in the stream water as well as on land walking to a barn, with log cabins in the background.  There are two teams of bulls each pulling a wagon on which is a log.  A man is standing on the second log. 

Brown stains and from rust at the top right border of the picture on front.

Object ID: NPWHF1161 - Calendar, 1936

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 522 mm length, 352 mm width, including metal bands

Maker: Horace H. Read