NPWHF1216 - Box of Preservene Pure Soap

Box of Preservene “Pure Soap.”  Yellow background with (1) Preservene in white font on red ribbon background; (2) PURE SOAP in blue font, with under it (3) “MANUFACTURED IN AUSTRALIA FOR OVER 75 YEARS”; (4) 4 CAKES in blue font in upper, left corner; (5) 500g NET WEIGHT WHEN PACKED in blue font in upper, right corner.  Those are on thee sides.  On the fourth side is:
“For over 75 years Preservene Pure Soap has been used in Australian homes.  Today, the same high quality and convenience makes Preservene the natural choice in pure soaps.
Preservene’s pure mildness is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.
Preservene’s pure soap cleaning action is perfect for handwashing.  From grimy collars and cuffs to delicate fabrics.  Preservene cleans spotlessly.
Preservene’s sudsy cleaning action removes dirt and grease from plates and pots with ease.  For really tough jobs, use Preservene with a steel wool pad or scourer. Preservene, 59 Stawell St., Richmond, vic., 3121.

The two ends of the box have Preservene PURE SOAP.

Object ID: NPWHF1216 - Box of Preservene Pure Soap

Materials: paper box with soap as contents

Dimensions: 5.7 cm height, 18.2 cm width, 6 cm length

Maker: Preservene