NPWHF1220 - What to Do at Weddings

25th Edition.  On the cover, written in pencil is "2/6", and written in blue ink is --- what looks like a "W" --- "Mitchell.".  [a full stop after Mitchell]  The left side of the front cover is blue with drawings in white.  The right side is white background with blue text.  "Weddings" and "25th Edition" are in red text.  The book measures 8.6 cm wide by 13.5 cm high.  The flyleaf reads "WHAT TO DO - AT - WEDDINGS - BY - "BENEDICT" - TWENTY-FIFTH EDITION - REVISED AND ENLARGED - J. POLLARD, Winfield Bldgs. - 495 Collis Street - P.O. Box 1416 M - Melbourne 1961"  The book has three staples.  There are 62 pages.  The back cover is of white background with blue ink doodles.  [As there is no AU postal code of 1961, that must be the publication year.]

Object ID: NPWHF1220 - What to Do at Weddings

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 8.6 cm wide by 13.5 cm length