NPWHF1221 - Modern Medical Counsellor

The front cover is grey with three black horizontal stripes in which are the words "The NEW - MODERN MEDICAL - COUNSELLOR."  The spine is grey with a horizontal gold line 1.3 cm from the top and 1.4 cm from the bottom.  A black rectangle has in grey text "The New - MODERN - MEDICAL - COUNSELLOR".  Under it is a gold seal.  The back cover is grey.  The book measures ~15 cm wide by 22 cm length and 6 cm in depth.  The flyleaf reads "MODERN - MEDICAL - COUNSELLOR - (Revised and Enlarged) - A Practical Guide to Health - HUBERT O. SWARTOUT, M.D., Dr.P.H. - IN COLLABORATION WITH - THIRTY-ONE LEADING MEDICAL SPECIALISTS - SIGNS PUBLISHING COMPANY - (Australasian Conference Association Limited, Proprietors) - WARBURTON, VICTORIA, AUST."  Copyright 1962 Edition.  There are 992 pages.  The book cover is covered in plastic.

Object ID: NPWHF1221 - Modern Medical Counsellor

Materials: paper

Dimensions: ~15 cm wide by 22 cm length and 6 cm in depth

Maker: Signs Publishing Company