NPWHF1227 - Certificate for Crossing the Equator

Certificate measures 35 cm wide by 27.5 cm in length.  Reads "AUSTRALIAN-ORIENTAL LINE LTD. CHINA NAVIGATION CO., LTD. - From the Vastness of the Terrestrial Seas, Realm of - Neptus Rex Oceanus - Supreme Potentate of all things on or - below the surface of the Seven Seas. - Known all ye - by these presents "M. MINAHAN." - on the "21st" day of "February" in the year "1955" - having gaily and gallantly crossed the Equator - Aboard The "China Navigation Company's" - Good Ship "M. V. 'TAIYUAN'" - now becomes a Freeman of the Seas, with all rights, benefits and - perquisites pertaining thereto. - All ye powers, principalities, dominions - subject to his most puissant Majesty, - Neptune, take note. - Given under my hand and seal" --- and signed in black ink "Neptunus Rex Oceanus" with "Witness" under his signature and signed in gold ink by "G _ Campbell" - Captain.

Good condition with water (?) spots.  Enclosed in plastic.

Object ID: NPWHF1227 - Certificate for Crossing the Equator

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 35 cm wide by 27.5 cm in length

Maker: Australian-Oriental Line Ltd. China Navigation Co., Ltd.