NPWHF1259 - Doll - Edith BOHNING

Female doll made of composition, known as “compo”, a sort of tough papier mâché, the doll has a cloth body and imitates the German porcelain variety. Measures 40 cm in length by 16 cm width. She has red hair and blue eyes. The doll is wearing a dress with matching underwear, obviously homemade. The dress has a white background with flower pots growing either red or blue flowers. Around the waist, is a sash made of pink rickrack. A necklace made of string and black beads is around her neck.

Object ID: NPWHF1259 - Doll - Edith BOHNING

Materials: "compo" (tough papier mâché), cloth body

Dimensions: 40 cm in length by 16 cm width