NPWHF1260 - Book - "Songs"

Book:  Songs:  Selected for Use by Home League Meetings.  The cover has a drawing of a home sitting on an open book.  Red, fabric cover, with two staples holding it together.  Measures 10.6 cm wide by 13 cm length.  The text is grey in colour.  In the lower, left corner is The Salvation Army seal.  The title page has written in pencil, "Mrs McDonald", "5/0", and "2/3" in the upper, right corner.  There are 143 pages.  

Contains:  153 songs, 50 choruses, “How to Use the Bible”, “A Prayer”, and 15 excerpts from the Bible.

Object ID: NPWHF1260 - Book - "Songs"

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 10.6 cm wide by 13 cm length

Maker: “Wholly set up and printed in Australia by Citadel Press”