NPWHF1287 - Manual of Devotion

Manual of Devotion, 186 pages.  Measures 5.2 cm wide, 9 cm length, 1 cm height.  Black leather (leather-like) cover with title in gold font.  Etched into the leather, front and back covers, is a double outer border and an inner border with corner squares.  The spine has the tile and five Maltese crosses divided by horizontal lines. 

The first page is the title page.  “A Manual of Catholic Devotion for private use, and for the services of the Catholic Church.  Charles Eason, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin.” 

Page two has printed “Nihil obstat, Nicolaus Donnelly” and “Emprimatur, Paul, Card, Cullen”.

Page 3 is the first of the Contents pages.

“The Manual of Catholic Devotion”, beginning with the Morning Prayer, starts on page 1.

Object ID: NPWHF1287 - Manual of Devotion

Materials: paper, leather

Dimensions: 5.2 cm wide, 9 cm length, 1 cm height

Maker: Charles Eason