NPWHF1292 - Hat Box

Hat box that belonged to Molly Clark.  

Beige weave in appearance with two sets of four vertical lines on the top and bottom.  The shape is flat across the bottom (17 cm) and then curves into a three-quarters circle.  

On the cover, written in red, is:  Mrs. M. Clark, Finke, N.T.  The lid is secured to the base by two oblong catches and a keyed lock in the middle.  There is no key.  It is hinged by blue fabric inside.  The bottom (flat) of the box has four rounded “feet”.  A brown leather border goes around the top and bottom.  A brown leather handle is secured by two pieces of hardware.   At one end is a piece of wire securing it.

The inside is lined in blue (light blue, navy blue, and white) plaid fabric.  The inside of the lid has a pocket.  Found inside are:  2 bobby (hair) pins, a blue button with two holes, and a white pearl which probably came off a pin. 

On the front exterior is a metal manufacturer label, secured by two brads.  The text is:

On the bottom was a sticker, mostly worn/torn off.  What is readable is:
PA __________ UGGAGE

Object ID: NPWHF1292 - Hat Box

Materials: cardboard covered with a weave, fabric, leather

Dimensions: 17 cm width; 42 cm length; 24 cm height

Maker: PERMACASE Travelling goods