NPWHF1307 - Gay Blade Razor Blade Bank

Gay Blade razor blade bank.  Is in the shape of a man with a black mustache.  He is wearing a black bowler hat.  His body is in the shape of a red and white barber pole design with a slot, and has “GAY BLADE” going across his chest.  The red paint has worn off in areas.  The arms/handles would have held a razor and a brush.  They are rusted and brown in colour.  There is a slot in the top for used razor blades.  The bottom has a round opening in which to remove them.  Measures 15 cm height and 14 cm in width from one arm/holder to the other.  On the bottom, it appears as though there had been tape over the plug at one time.  The rim of the metal plug is rusted while the inside shows gold colour.  No chips.

Object ID: NPWHF1307 - Gay Blade Razor Blade Bank

Materials: ceramic, metal