NPWHF1451 a,b,c - Necklace & Matching Earrings

Necklace and matching earrings.  White leaves necklace and matching earrings.  Earrings --- 1 cm diameter white round bead set in four prongs in a dark setting; hanging from it are four white and one silver (~1.7) leaves; 4 cm length total.  Necklace:  41.5 cm length; on each ring is one silver & one white leaf (= 2) & there are 17 sets which runs 21 cm in length; the necklace clasp is barrell clasp.

Object ID: NPWHF1451 a,b,c - Necklace & Matching Earrings

Object Number: 1451

Materials: metal, plastic

Dimension: earrings: 1 cm diameter; necklace: 41.5 cm length

Provenance: unknown