NPWHF0644 a,b - Letter, Envelope

a) Envelope off white colour with blue lining, very worn. Address on front to Telka Williams 16 Batt St. Clifton Beach Nth Queensland 4871. Stamp removed and torn where it would have been. Franking stamp Adelaide S. Aust. 5000 ?pm ?2 March 1985.Hand written across left upper corner 5/10 sharps. Reverse side - Sender SW address - Security Hospital P.O. Box 53 Adelaide GPO.  Left Side at right angles to above address hand written in in black ink D.Conway 27.  Fully covered on one side and half of the reverse side, written in blue ink.

b) Hand written letter on 2 sides of a foolscap lined cream paper, dated 21st March 1985.and fully covered one side and half of reverse side written in blue ink.

Object ID: NPWHF0644 a,b - Letter, Envelope

Materials: Paper

Dimensions: a) Envelope 9 cm x 14.5 cm b) Letter 30 cm x 21 cm