NPWHF0646 a,b - Letter, Envelope

a) Letter 3 pages written in blue biro on one side of the paper. Written side pale pink with dark pink lines. Rear cream coloured no lines. address at top dated 23-2-87. To Dear Telka last page finishes love from S.

b) Envelope beige prestamped with 36c stamp addressed to Mrs T. Williams 16 Batt St, Clifton Beach FNQ 4871.  Franking Greenacres 11 am 12 March 1987 S.Australia 5086. Cup stain over address. Reverse of envelope, address of sender 29 Kibby Rd, Elizabeth East SA. Details of the stamp, The Mint Sydney and its history, and designer.

Object ID: NPWHF0646 a,b - Letter, Envelope

Materials: paper

Dimensions: a) 19 cm x 14.4 cm b) 11.5 cm x 16 cm