NPWHF0647 a,b - Letter, Envelope

a) Letter of 2 pages of cream lined paper apparently torn from? exercise book in blue biro. Written fully on 3 sides and top third of 4th side . Dated 27th December 87 starts Dear Telka finishes love from Sonia.

b) Envelope cream coloured self stamped 37c written in blue biro. address Mrs Telka Williams 16, Batt St, Clifton Beach Nth Q. 4871. Handwritten note Val work 556033 on out-side. Hand written blue ink dates 28-12-1959, 11-2--1956, 17-12-1920-, 24-6-48,17-7- Greenacres S Australia 5087 11 am 30 Dec 1987.  Back of envelope handwritten in blue biro the sender SW. Extra Handwritten note P.S.I am now living outside of the hospital. Also hand written 13.30+2.60 = 11- 40. Details of the envelope stamp the hairy nosed wombat Designer and Reference photograph.

Object ID: NPWHF0647 a,b - Letter, Envelope

Dimensions: a) letter each page H 22.5 x 17.4 cm b) Envelope 11.5 cm x 16 cm