NPWHF0007 a,b,c,d,e - Hat Pins x 5

Hat Pins, 5 in total, with three differently designed tops - original documentation notes 3 hat pins but description on original worksheet totals 5 hat pins. (NPWHF7 a and b are both 13 cm in length and have plastic tops). (NPWHF7 c is 19 cm in length and its top is a lace coloured metal, filigree design). NPWHF7 d and e are 9 cm in length and each has a pearl on top).

Object ID: NPWHF0007 a,b,c,d,e - Hat Pins x 5

Materials: Metal, plastic, paint, pearl

Dimensions: 2 x 13 cm, 1 x 19 cm, 2 x 9 cm