NPWHF1150 - Saucer

White china doll’s saucer, 6.5 mm in diameter.  On the front/top side are three objects:  what looks like an apple, bow, and flower followed by a chip 3 mm.  On the opposite side is a heart followed by an 1.1 mm long off-white, two-tone blob of what looks like paint.  No markings. In a plastic bag, with “WALKER DONATION” written on a yellow Post-It note is a gold and navy blue box with yellowed masking tape around it.  On a label, partially under the masking tape is written “CHINA FROM SANDRINGHAM STATION -n N. Walker”  Inside, wrapped in white tissue paper, is the saucer.

Object ID: NPWHF1150 - Saucer

Materials: china

Dimensions: 6.5 mm in diameter