NPWHF1153 - Book – "The Golden Hills”

The Golden Hills by Robert Ormond Case.  12.8 mm wide, 19 mm length, 3.2 mm high.
Hardback.  Water spots on cover.  Red cover with gold font on spine “THE GOLDEN HILLS – ROBERT ORMOND CASE – HOODER AND STOUGHTON” surrounded by a double gold border.  Inside front cover is written in pencil “2238” underlined, in the top left corner.  Beginning in the middle is written “Fletchers Library 72-6th Ave – A-Pelie 10 Dayl” with “10 Dayl” underlined.
The front page has dates stamped (library book due dates) in black ink going down the left side of the page.  Near the top, stamped with purple ink, is “PINE POINT LENDING LIBRARY No. ___ Date ___” with double border around it.  The number “806” is written in black ink after “No.” “First published 1939” and “Made and printed in Great Britain for Hodder and Stoughton Limited by The Camelot Press Limited London and Southampton.”

Object ID: NPWHF1153 - Book – "The Golden Hills”

Materials: paper

Dimensions: 12.8 mm wide, 19 mm length, 3.2 mm high

Maker: The Camelot Press Limited