WMA 1504 - Child's scooter / walker

This walker was made using plans published in Farmer’s Weekly, a magazine published by the primary Producers Association of WA (now the WA Farmer’s Federation).

There were other plans in the magazine for items that could be made from materials that might be found around the farm.

The walker is well-constructed and finished off cleanly to prevent children from scratching or injure themselves from protruding parts.

The donor, Jan Millington, remembers her mother saying: 'I could dress you up and put you in this and you’d stay clean'.

Resourcefulness, recycling and long term care of belongings for people living in remote parts of Australia illustrate the stark contrast between urban and outback lives.

Object ID: WMA 1504 - Child's scooter / walker

Date Made: 1938

Materials: recycled tin, turned table leg, conduit, wood, metal and rubberwheels

Maker: Sid Groves, the donor's father