Child's Scooter/Walker


The walker was made in 1938 by the donor's father, Sid Groves, from plans published in Farmer’s Weekly, a magazine published by the primary Producers Association of WA (now the WA Farmer’s Federation).

There were other plans in this magazine for home items that could be made from materials that might be found around the farm.

The walker is made from a large tin,  pieces of conduit, pieces of timber and a set of wheels rubber and steel wheels recycled from another unknown item, probably a trolley. The central front support has been ‘turned’ and was probably an old table leg.

The cream paint appears to be enamel.

It is well-constructed, very solid and finished off ‘cleanly’ so children wouldn’t scratch or injure themselves on it. 

Jan Millington, who donated the walker, remembers her mother saying: “I could dress you up and put you in this and you’d stay clean”.

Object ID: WMA 1504 - Child's Scooter/Walker

Object Number: 1504

Materials: old tin, turned table leg, conduit, pieces of wood. wheels

Provenance: Jan Millington

Maker: Sid Groves