Woo Len AH TOY

Also known as: nee Wong, Lily

Born: 24 October 1917

Died: 15 November 2001

Special Achievements:

Lily was born and grew up in Darwin and was known to many in the Top End for her stoicism, generosity and warm good humour. From 1936 to 1942 and continuining after the war, Lily and her husband Jimmy ran the Pine Creek general store, which for many years was the only supply centre betweeh Katherine and Darwin. All relied on the store for supplies, mail, credit, emergency communications and ever-ready cups of tea. Lily set up an emergency hall in Pine Creek in the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy and organised meals and somewhere for evacuees to shower and sleep.

2003 - A recipient of the Tribute to Northern Territory.

Additional Information:

Pioneer of Pine Creek and Darwin, NT. In 1982, at the age of 65, Lily graduated from the Northern Territory University with a Diploma in Ceramics. In 1995, Film Australia produced her biography.

Image courtesy of the National Library of Australia.