Born: 1879

Died: 1976

Special Achievements:

First woman to qualify as an architect in Victoria. She began work at her younger brother Rodney's firm Klingender & Alsop sometime after 1907. She worked for the firm for seven years and completed her articles within that time. She left the firm sometime around 1916, to contribute to the war effort. The failing health of both parents meant that returning to the practice was impossible and, as was expected of unmarried daughters, Ruth cared for them both. She remained registered as an architect until 1927.

Additional Information:

Around 1937, Ruth designed a home for herself and two of her sister on a block of land at Croydon. This was to be the only architectural design that can be entirely attributed to her. In 2005 a Canberra street was named after her (Ruth Alsop Lane, Greenway, ACT 2900) to commemorate her achievements.


  • Image - Ruth Alsop

    Photographer: unknown

    Rosalind Smallwood