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Selina Sarah Elizabeth ANDERSON

Also known as: Senie, Selina Siggins

Born: 12 May 1878

Died: 30 November 1964

Special Achievements:

1903 -First woman along with Vida Goldstein, Mary Ann Moore-Bentley and Nellie Martel, in Australia and British Empire to stand for National Parliament (unsuccessful).  Selina Anderson contested the Sydney seat of Dalley as a protectionist candidate.  Although unsuccessful, she polled a respectable 18% of the vote.  The following year, she was a member of the organisiging committee of the Labor Council of New South Wales.  By 1906, she was one of seven women o the state executive of the Australian Labor Party but unsuccessful in gaining Labor endorsement to contest a seat.   From 1904 until 1907 she wrote letters to the press, addressed meetings, supported the rights of women to become doctors and promoted better conditions for tramway employees.  As Selina Siggins, she was one of the first two women to contest the South Australian Legislative Assembly in 1918. Her manifesto included compulsory voting, proportional representation, benefits for returned servicemen and their families, bonuses for families of more than five children and price controls for food. During the campaign, she attacked both the Labor Party and socialism. She polled 2.06 per cent. Moving back to Wellington, New South Wales, in 1922, Selina became the first woman delegate to the Farmers and Settlers' Association. That year, in December, she stood unsuccessfully as a second Country Party candidate for the Federal seat of Calare, polling 1.72 per cent.