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Sharon Lea Anne ANYOS

Also known as: Wildthing

Born: 13/10/1970

Special Achievements:

Australia's first female World Boxing Champion.  First Australian woman to take out the inaugural Women's Boxing Title in first ever ANBF & OBA sanctioned women's boxing bout in Australia. Sharon was also the first Australian woman to compete for a world title in boxing. Sharon became the first woman to receive an award from the Australian National Boxing Federation in 2000.  She has also been named "First Lady of Australian Boxing".  In 2001, Sharon received at the Australian Boxing Awards a historic award for pioneering women's boxing in Australia and being the first female world champion in boxing.

Additional Information:

Anyos holds multiple World titles in boxing, including winning the first ever WBC World female featherweight title in 2005 against Marcela Acuña. Anyos successfully successfully defended her World title against Esther Schouten in 2006. Anyos was awarded the WBC World Emeritus title in 2007.