Also known as: Jean Robertson

Born: 1904

Died: 1983

Special Achievements:

1928 - Broke the Perth to Melbourne record with Kathleen GARDINER née Howell.
1932 - Motor racing - Monte Carlo Rally - placed 17th out of 150.

Additional Information:

Councilor of the Victorian Working Sheep Dog Association.

Jean and Kathleen under their maiden names of Robertson and Howell came second in the 1927 RACV dependability trial around Victoria; broke the Perth-Melbourne record across the Nullarbor by 14 hours and 45 minutes; did an endurance run from Melborne to Darwin and back again; and drove to Italy to complete in the Monte Carlo Rally.

She was well known and a popular ambassador in the Sheep Dog world and visited may trials overseas. After her marriage she made several trips to New Zealand to compete with her husband. Jean was also a Councillor of the Victorian Working Sheep Dog Association which enabled her to create a liaison and encourage sheep dog workers in Australia and New Zealand to exchange visits and compete against each other. She also imported several well bred New Zealand border collies to Australia. Jean worked in sheep dog trials for over 40 years and on many occasions she was the only lady competitor. She believed the trials were not exclusive to men.


  • Image - Mrs Jean Beatson

    State Library of Victoria Ref Image H2001.135/221