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Martha BURNS

Born: 27 April 1873

Died: 5 March 1959

Special Achievements:

One of the first qualified female dentists in Australia. Martha Burns and (Frances) Dorothy Gray were the first women in Australia to graduate in Dental Surgery through the University of Melbourne.

1907 - "The first lady in Brisbane to qualify by taking the Licentiate of Dental Surgery (L.D.Q). degree."

1907 - Second registered female dentist in Queensland.

Additional Information:

1896–1900 - Trained as a nurse at Brisbane General Hospital.

Apprenticed 3 years with dentists Dods and McLeod.

Studied at the Australian College of Dentistry, Melbourne, qualified 1907.

1907 - Started her own dental practice, Brisbane, Queensland.

3-8 August 1914 - A delegate to the International Dental Congress, London, England.

20 August 1914-1 December 1914 - Served as a Nursing Sister and Dental Surgeon in the Australian Voluntary Hospital (AVH) in Le Havre, St Nazaire, and Wimereux, France.

1915-1932 - Returned to private practice.