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Cecily Crystal BUTORAC

Also known as: née Stackhouse

Died: 8 October 2014

Special Achievements:

1978 - First woman to paddle a sea kayak to Flinders Island from Tasmania.
1980 - First woman to paddle /land a sea kayak on Maatsuyker Island, Tasmania.
1981 - The first woman to circumnavigate Flinders Island, Tasmania.
The first woman to paddle round SW Cape.
1998 - First Life Member of Maatsuyker Canoe Club for her contribution to Tasmanian sea canoeing.
Inaugural member of the Tasmanian Sea Canoeing Club.

Additional Information:

1976 - A member of the Tasmanian State Slalom and White Water team to compete at the National Championships in New South Wales.
1982 - Spent two months sea kayaking in Japan.
1983 - Spent two months sea kayaking in the Greek Islands.
1983 - Paddled from Port Davey to Recherche Bay.
1984 - Spent two months circumnavigating the main island of Fiji by sea kayak.
Edited the magazine The Southern Canoeist (Derwent Canoe Club) for many years.
Made a life member of the Derwent Canoe Club.
“Cecily was only the second person to try a sail on her kayak.”
She “developed the vinyl sail holder that is now still a standard fitting on most sea kayaks … and was responsible for making an important modification to early vinyl hatch covers - and these are still being made and used 20 years later, virtually unchanged.”