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Helen Ruth CATERER

Born: 14 March 1914

Died: 4 November 2018

Special Achievements:

1 January 1964 - Appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), for charitable services, reviving the Sunday Mail Blanket Appeal, particularly to children.
2016 - Received Order of Australia (OAM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, for service to the community, especially through church and social welfare groups.

Additional Information:

Circa age 13 she wrote an essay, Oh, what a night, based on a film with Charlie and Sydney Chaplin, and won “a prize of a guinea” from The Advertiser.

1940s - Completed freelance writing courses at the School of Mines.

1944 - Joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) and served overseas.

After working at a bank before and after the war, which became dissatisfying, she obtained a job at the Sunday Advertiser when it launched. Two years later, it folded, and she obtained a position with Sunday Mail.

1957 – Revived and ran the Sunday Mail (Adelaide, South Australia) Blanket Appeal.

May 1957 - Founder and patron of a women’s advisory group, the Supporting Mothers’ Association, which lasted for about 30 years until “there were so many other things available”.

1960s - Created the Supporting Mothers Association appeal, to help mothers buy Christmas presents.

1965 - Received the Rotary Award for Vocational Service.

June 1973 - Co-authored, with Dr John H. Court, Stand Up and Be Counted.

1981 - Wrote book Australians Outback – 60 Years of Bush Church Aid.

1990 - Wrote book People, Places, and Blankets Galore: Fifty Years of Memorable Encounters.