Charlotte Bridget Godhauter SOMERFIELD

Also known as: née Jung

Born: 28 November 1870

Died: 30 July 1946

Special Achievements:

1921-26 - Had mail contract delivering by camel, between Oodnadatta, South Australia and Alice Springs, Northern Territory.  Based at Old Crown Point Station, she and husband also ran general store supplying provisions to surrounding cattle stations, Hermannsburg Mission, and passersby.


  • Image - Charlotte Somerfield and William Ephraim Somerfield circa 1920

    Source: NPWHF Collection. Kindly donated by Lynn Lowe.

  • Document - "Charlotte Somerfield (nee JUNG) 1870-1946"

    Based on information provided by family and additional research by former NPWHF curator Pauline Cockrill

    Source: NPWHF collection.

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  • References

    Northern Territory Archives Service has a collection attributed to Joe SOMERFIELD - NTRS 627, Personal photographs featuring family and camels at Finke River 1921-27.  In this collection, there is a photograph of "Joe Somerfield's mother on the back of a camel with the Oodnadatta/Alice Springs Mail, 1921."