Martha Christina CHARMAN

Also known as: née Ward

Born: 1849

Died: 1914

Additional Information:

Pioneer of Timbarra settlement, Victoria.

“Martha Charman emerges in Aunt Violets [sic] writings as the matriarch of the settlement --- attending to births, sickness, accidents and the spiritual welfare of the valley people. … One of her outstanding achievements was to drive her flock of turkeys to Bairnsdale --- first driving them through warm tar and then sand; to macadamise their feet as a protection against the rough ground, [sic] Her passage through Bruthen was noted in that towns [sic] newspaper… Congratulating her, and her brother (in law) on their enterprise and wishing them good luck.” The Timbarra Settlement


  • Image - Martha Christina Charman

    Photo provided by her great grandnephew Fred G Ward.

  • Image - Martha Christina Charman

    “The home site of Solomon Charman and his wife Martha. … we were shown the ruins of a building erected by some of the Ward family at the time of the first settlement. … picture … of that ruin. I am not sure which one of the Wards actually built what looks like part of a building framed with sawn timber. Because of the frame I believe it must have been built quite late in the settlement’s history; assuming the original home of Sol’ and Martha Charman to have been built from bush timber using the adze and by split paling outside cladding and shingles or bark roof.” Fred G Ward

    Photo provided by her great grandnephew Fred G Ward.

  • References

    The Timbarra Settlement, 1880. Submitted by Fred G Ward.

    “A story written by Violet Maria Ward: “A ROMANCE of the TIMBARRA RIVER” was published by the Bairnsdale Advertiser on the 15th of July 1947.”