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Mary Josephine CHATTERTON

Also known as: née Bagot, Mollie, Molly

Born: 4 October 1912

Died: 3 April 2006

Special Achievements:

1996 - Made member of honour of Country Women’s Association (CWA), South Australia (SACWA).

“Drew the design for the … historical tapestry panel which is housed in the SACWA premises at Kent town.”

1973 - The tapestry design “won a CWA national competition.”

Additional Information:

1966-2006 - Tireless worker for Country Women’s Association (CWA), (SACWA).

1982 - Represented the Country Women’s Association (CWA), (SACWA) “on the board of Continuing Education. “She also represented the association with other organisations including the Status of Women, the National Trust and the Australian Federation of Consumer Organisations.”

1994-1996 - Member of the Women’s Suffrage Commemorative Committee.

“Drew the illustrations for several SACWA publications, including the association’s history books and some recipe books.”